Electric Landscape

Cape town is notorious for heavy storms, usually accompanied by rain and strong wind. What Capetonians rarely see however is thunder and lightning.  I have been waiting for months now to catch a good electric storm over the sea close to Table Mountain but when it happens it is usually at a time when I cannot get down to the beach, or the lightning is all over the place and not happening in the right spot. Two nights ago I went down to the beach for a normal evening of photographing surfers. As I got to the beach I saw the lightning coming towards us from across the sea.  I did not bring a tripod as I was not expecting lightning on the day and I was convinced that I was not going to get any shots.  Most of the lightning was also flashing behind Robben Island and I wanted it closer to Table Mountain.  When it got dark I drove home, but on my way I saw a few flashes in the direction of Table Mountain.  Without a tripod I knew it was going to be difficult, but I found a empty fruit carton box in the back of […]

In The Mist Of Things

I have mentioned before what the challenges are when shooting outdoors.  I usually plan my shoots according to the weather, especially if I am hoping to create a certain mood.  Although none of us can predict the weather to the T, at least we have some indication of what it is going to look like….. unless you live in Cape Town. Last night I had a shoot which I planned for a while now.  Various factors led us to postpone, especially previous weather conditions. The mood board which I had send to the model for approval had a summer breach scene and we were hoping for a nice sunset. Have I mentioned before that I love shooting while the sun sets?  Anyway, the whole day looked perfect.  The sun was shining, no wind, just a slight offshore wind and I was convinced that today was going to be the day.  As I was driving to the beach later in the afternoon, a message came from the make-up artists.  “I am setting up but it looks like it’s going to rain.” Although I knew that my sunset shoot was not going to happen, I was actually glad.  It wasn’t going to […]

FREE Xpression Session Surf Shoot

Free Xpression Session Surf Shoot Ever wanted a cool surf shot of yourself? Here’s your chance. Myself and Richard Myburgh Surf wants to share the stoke of our local surfers, so we want to get you all in the water for an “Expression Session” where you can get a cool surf pic of yourself on the day. No need to be a good surfer, you just need to get on your feet and if I catch you through my lens then the image will be edited and is yours to keep. Richard Myburgh Surf will announce the day depending on the weather predictions. So like and follow our pages to keep in touch. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO TO AS MANY LOCAL SURFERS AS YOU KNOW.  

Dad’s Office

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”   – John Lennon Everyone probably knows this famous quote by John Lennon. I never thought that one day I would actually use this to assist my son with what seemed to have been a challenging question to answer at school.  He asked me after school what I did for a living?  I was quite intrigued by this question as I thought he might have been in a debate with his mates on whose dad is the coolest and I knew he was probably not going to win this one. I asked him why? It wasn’t that at all, it was only his teacher that was filling in a list of what the learners parents do for a living. Not sure why it has anything to do with the school, but I understand, so I asked him what he sad.  He said he wanted to say […]

Waiting on Weather

It’s not easy to rely on the weather when you are shooting with natural light.  Especially not if you live in Cape Town and you’re working towards a certain look or mood. I usually book my shoots according to the weather predictions.  Unfortunately this is not always easy, not of you have a model and a make-up artist that has their own schedules as well.  Sometimes I have a shoot booked but the weather does not want to play along.  Sometimes I have the weather but no shoots.  Usually on such days I try and look for any available model to do a TFCD shoot. This exercise turns out to be more hopeless than praying for a perfect sunset while the Southeastern is pumping. I have already postponed 3 shoots in December because of the wind. Then there are days when you have a shoot booked and for some miraculous reason the sky just turn into an array of colours.  Last night I had a shoot booked and the sunset turned out spectacular.  Here is some of the images from a shoot with Natasha. I did two seperate shoots with her, but my main aim with the red dress was […]

Introductory Course to Adventure Photography for Kids

I am presenting another introductory course for adventure photography for the kids on Wednesday the 20th of December in Blouberg.  They don’t need expensive equipment or any experience, just any device that can take digital images. From and old cellphone to a point and shoot. If they have action cameras and DSLR’s they can bring that too. The idea is to teach them that one can take cool pictures with any type of camera. As longs as we can download the pictures afterwards. The course content will contain some theory and then a practical where they can take “adventure/action”pictures which I will hopefully receive afterwards from you and then edit and give it back. If you would like your child to join, please DM me so that I can send you the application form and other relevant information. Otherwise please share this post with your friends. You can leave your child in my care or you are welcome to stay as well. I am a qualified teacher, an HSE expert, First Aider and a responsible dad who has a passion for adventure photography that I would love to share with the younger generation. There is more to photography than selfies  If […]

Surfing Lifestyle Special – The Full Package Deal

It’s December, it’s summer and it’s holiday! Here is your change to experience and capture the Surfing Lifestyle, become a surfer and a model, be cool and share everything on your social media that will make your mates green with envy! Justasurferdude Adventure Photography and Richard Myburgh Surf, in collaboration with Gone Surfing Surf Shop in Melkbos is having a special on Surf lessons, photoshoots and surfing equipment this summer. In a nutshell…or shall we say in a seashell…. this is what you get. You can either do a surf lesson with Richard Myburgh or do a beach shoot with Justasurferdude…or you can do both and get a soft-top surfboard and/or wetsuit from Gone Surfing Surf Shop for 15% less.   Surf Lessons: R300 Want to be a cool surfer? Do a 1 hour surf lesson at any beach between Milnerton and Melkbos, depending on weather and wave conditions.  You don’t have to be a surfer, Richard will teach you how to surf and will provide the equipment (wetsuit and surfboard). Surf Shoot: R300 Want to look cool on Instagram?  Do a 1 hour beach shoot with the professional Justasurferdude and walk away with 15 professional images which you can use […]

Let There Be Light

I was following a post recently on facebook where a photographer were ranting about “unprofessional photographers” who do not even have “proper lighting equipment”. He actually called them by name, “natural light photographers”.  As a rule I don’t respond on facebook when someone gives an opinion, but knowing how much effort, time and planning goes into “natural light photography”, here is my opinion. I call myself a “natural light photographer” and there is more than one reason why I prefer to shoot outside with natural light.  Probably the first and foremost reason is because I want to be outside.  Shooting in a studio for me is like working in an office. Secondly I sometimes smile when I see the amount of equipment some togs carry down to the beach in order to shoot a model. A whole entourage of people carrying stuff, holding reflectors and speed lights and whatever gadget you can find to look more “professional’.  I don’t like carrying stuff, so the most advanced lighting technology you will find with me is probably a flash. I don’t even carry an extra battery with me.  Unless I want to create a special look or mood, you will not find […]

Silhouette vs Contre-jour

I remember as a kid when we took photos of each other we always said “turn towards the sun”. I think even today still people believe that you have to turn your subject towards the sun if you want a “nice” picture.  If you don’t do that you will end up with what we call “silhouettes”, or mostly just a very under-exposed photo.  Not that there is anything wrong with silhouettes or underexposed subjects, we all love silhouettes and the mystery they contain.  Shooting sunset pictures often result in silhouettes, but there is actually a photography technique called “contre-jour” were you want your light to come from behind. Contre-jour translates from French as “against daylight.” Thus, contre-jour images are in a similar class as silhouettes and use low-key lighting, but they differ in other ways. A well executed contre-jour image creates an outline, achieves the aim of using a point-source of light behind the subject to create a bright glow that creates the form and reveals the image. Subjects within a contre-jour image can retain detail within the shadow areas, where as silhouettes is usually just a black subject with no detail visible. Contre-jour adds a touch of dramatic to your pictures and […]