Mindful Photography and Expressive Writing Course

One does not have to be a good photographer to take photos. You also don't have to be a good writer to write. But using photography as a tool to become a better writer will not only sharpen your photography skills but it will also improve your writing skills. As you learn how to become a better writer you can use it as a therapeutic activity to visualize and verbalize your emotions, moods and feelings.   This course teaches you how photography can be used in everyday scenarios in order for you to find a starting point to change your thoughts, your perspective and ultimately create a better life by being in control of your emotions and actions through expressive writing. 

Max of 10 people

Start time: 7hoo (Weekends, Sat or Sun)

Duration: 3 hrs/session, 6 session in total. (Do Module 1 and decide if you want to continue with Module 2)

Ages: 18 and up

Price: R1500 pp (First Session) R500 pp (Each remaining session)


Requirements: Any type of camera, mobile phones included.

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction

1.1 Mindful Photography & Expressive Writing

1.2 Visualizing & Verbalizing

Module 2 – Mindful Techniques

2.1 Perspective

2.2 Creativity

2.3 Minimalism

2.4 Beauty

2.5 Patience

2.6 Gratitude


Photography 101 for Kids (Grades 5-7)

Kids love their cell phones. Parents less so. But there is a tool on every cellphone that provides an amazing opportunity for children to be creative and learn at the same time. The camera. 

This course makes use of the camera to not only keep children creative but to teach them about photography. They will start of with basic instructions and terminology to not only understand how cameras work  and what photography really entails, but they will also learn to be creative. It is a fun course with specific learning objectives. They will not be bored with presentations, they will also not walk around taking senseless photos. Each session will introduce new concepts and the aim then is to go out and practice. 

Classes will be at a safe location in Tableview with one or two trips to the Vlei area. Always under adult supervision and parents consent. 

Max of 5 learners

Start time: 4h30 on Thursdays. (More classes will be introduced as need arises.) 

Duration: 1 hr/session, 16 session in total. (Do Photography 101 and decide if you want to continue with the next more advanced course.)

Ages: Grades 5-7

Price: R250 pp/session or R3500 pp for full course paid upfront. (Note that lessons follow up on each other and children are encouraged not to miss lessons.)


Requirements: Any type of camera, mobile phones included.


Course Content

Module 1 

1.1 Camera and Light

1.2 Light

1.3 Perspective

1.4 and 1.5  Composition

1.6 Elements -  Lines

1.7 Elements - Shapes

1.8 Elements - Texture

1.9 Elements - Colour

1.10 Elements - Size

1.11 Elements - Form

1.12 Elements - Depth

1.13 Landscape Photography

1.14 Action Photography

1.15 Portrait Photography

1.16 Light Painting

Introductory Course to DSLR Photography

If you have a DSLR camera and you never use the MANUAL setting then this course is for you. A 3-hour theory course that covers all aspects of shooting in Manual Mode, including workshops.  After the course a 90 min trip to the beach is taken to put all your knowledge to test.  

The course is run every first Saturday of every month

Max of 10 people

Start time: 14hoo

Beach visit: 18:00-sunset

Ages: 13 and up

Price: R1000 pp


Requirements: DSLR Camera


Lightroom Course

A two hour course focusing on the Develop Module in Lightroom. Learn how to enhance your images with software.

Location: This is done as a one-on-one training session.

Price: R500

Requirements:  Lightroom installed on your home PC/laptop


Advanced Courses cover photography genres that need not only specialized equipment, locations and techniques, but also a fair amount of planning.  These courses are usually weather dependent and is only organized once a quarter and on special requests.

Ages:  18 and up

Min 10 persons per group

Requirements:  Specialized equipment according to course details


Underwater Fashion Course

Underwater photography can vary from taking a picture through a glass wall to deep sea photography. This course however covers basic water photography but need special equipment like underwater cameras and water housings.  The main objective is to understand the challenges in underwater photography, how light effects the photography and this is performed under controlled conditions in an indoor pool. The subject is a model.

Ages: 13 and up

Location: Indoor Swimming pool, Bloubergrandt

Requirements: Any camera that is waterproof, cameras in waterproof housing, swimming goggles, swimming gear, the ability to hold breath for a couple of seconds at least.

Price: R1200


Astrophotography / Night Sky

Successful astrophotography is only possible on cloudless nights and on dark locations.  These places do not exist close to Cape Town and requires driving and sleeping over.  Courses are tailor-made to satisfied all customers, from camping to sleeping over in guesthouses.  The main aim is to get out, get away from the city and lights and to enjoy a night beneath the stars.

Ages: 18 and up

Requirements: Time mostly, adventurous spirit, patience and a tripod

Price: Location dependent

Night Time Photography

Night Time photography includes street photography and light painting. Shooting at night is a challenge because of the lack of adequate light, but allows for some awesome creativity.

Ages: 18 and up

Requirements: Tripod, DSLR

Price: R900

Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography ranges from shooting adventure sports to camping alone in the mountains hoping to spot leopards or other wild life.  These courses are also tailor made with adventure as main focus and photography second. Prices will range according to type of adventure.

Ages: 21 and up

Requirement:  Adventurous spirit, all gear required to survive and a zest for adventure.

Price: Location and adventure dependent


Kids want to play but nowadays they prefer to do it indoors.  With this course I take them outside to get some dirt on their knees and stimulate some creativity in the process. They don't only learn, but they explore.

Ages:  9-15

Min 10 persons per group

Requirements:  Any device that can take pictures.  Preferably easy to use cameras like mobile phones or point-and shoot.

Price: R250



If your child has an action camera and want to do a little adventurous shooting, this is the course for him or her.  Kids will be taken to island between Small and Big Bay where they will get the opportunity to shoot friends jumping into the rock pool and take underwater shots. They will also get an opportunity to take pictures of waves or shooting friends on bodyboards.

Ages:  8-15

Max 5 persons per group


  • Any brand of action camera that is waterproof or has waterproof casing
  • Wetsuit
  • Diving mask or goggles (optional)
  • Flippers or fins (optional)
  • Bodyboard (optional)
Price: R750


Action Camera Course


There are many beautiful places to photograph in Cape Town. Some are hard to reach, some are easier. Some are safe, some are risky.  Justasurferdude will accompany you to some of these sites.  He will meet you there and take you around, showing your where the best spots are and keep you away from dodgy areas.

Need a good picture of Table Mountain, or the colourful houses in Bo-Kaap?

Bloubergstrand and surrounds:

Price: R800 (1 person), R700 pp (2 or more)


Price: R900 (1 person), R800 pp (2 or more)


Price: R900 (1 person), R800 pp (2 or more)

Sandy Bay, Llandudno:

Price: R1000 (1 person), R900 pp (2 or more)