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(* Due to the intimate nature of boudoir photography no galleries will be posted without consent of model).


Because there are many questions involved regarding a boudoir shoot, here are some facts that will make your decision to do a boudoir shoot hopefully easier.

1. What is a boudoir shoot?

A:  Although the word in French means a private siting or bedroom, it has evolved into a skilled photography genre where a person’s body is captured from a different perspective that what we see every day. There are different forms of boudoir shoots that range from swimsuit and fitness shoots to sensual lingerie, nude and low-key close-up shoots.  You will know what type of shoot you are interested in if you have already made the decision to do your first boudoir shoot. 

2. Do I have the body for a boudoir shoot?

A: Yes you have.  First of all a boudoir shoot is for your own viewing or maybe for a partner, not a judgmental crowd.  The purpose of a boudoir shoot is to capture your better features and subtly hide the ones you freak out about. You will be surprised how beautiful you are after seeing yourself through the lens of a skilled photographer.

3. Do I have to get naked?

A: No, not at all.  The degree of nudity you allows depends on how comfortable you are at the moment. Implied-nudity is used often when you create perception of nudity by hiding certain clothing or removing clothing partly before a shot is taken. 

4) Can I bring company along?

Yes, by all means.  It is better to bring a female fiend as guys tend to get uncomfortable which will make you uncomfortable.  Always better to surprise him afterwards with a beautiful portfolio.

5) Will my pictures reach the Internet?  

A:  Definitely not from my side.  Your pictures are password secured and the only copy is what I give to you.  If you share then the answer might be yes, so keep it private and locked away.

6) Where do we do the shoot?

A: Boudoir shoots can be done anywhere where the light is good and where you are comfortable posing.  You would feel more relaxed in a familiar environment like your own bedroom, but shoots can also be done in nature (where it is safe) or in a stylish rented apartment.

7) Can we first meet before we do the shoot?

A: Yes, I prefer that.  We can meet over a cup of coffee, discuss your shoots and if you are comfortable with the outcome then we can do the shoot afterwards or arrange for another suitable date.






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