So(cial) Confused

Let’s face it, after simplifying my life two years ago I feel much better as a person, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc. I have however something that I still need to sort out.  I call it “social confusion” and often say that “I am so(cial) confused that I don’t know where is up or down anymore”.  I have have too many social media accounts. Period.  I created a blog for my travels, then created an Instagram account for my pictures, then a webpage for my business and another webpage for my other business. Then I created a facebook page for the one business and another one for the other business. After that I created two more IG profiles for other types of pics and as if that was not enough I created another blog for the wisdom I have accumulated over the years.  So after having a chat the other day with a friend over a glass of beer, he mentioned something about effective blogging and marketing.  I realized there and then that I have to sort out my own sh*t otherwise I am going to kill myself with the only thing I have not completely thrown out of my […]