An i or and iPhone?

Just like Video killed the radio star we all know that digital killed film. Shooting with film was a skill not mastered by many.  I cannot even explain how hard it was because the closest I got to film was the 24 Kodak films from our point-and-shoot which we gave in to be developed after holiday seasons.  I didn’t know anything about film, I just knew that we should not open the film because then all the photos would be ruined, or that was what someone told me. Later I learned it had something to do with exposure, but that is basically where my knowledge on “shooting with film” ended. Then came digital photography and suddenly everyone could take pictures if you could afford a digital camera.  What was even worse was the day every cell phone manufacturer decided a phone should do more than one thing. Adding a camera seemed like the obvious thing a phone should be able to do. I cannot say that cell phones killed digital because they are also digital, but it definitely killed most photographers’ dreams of making a living out of photography. Now everyone was staking pictures and it got so bad that a term like “selfie” became popular all over the world.

So what is going to save your dream of becoming a photographer?  Well, you can have an iPhone, but do you have an eye? Photography became such an easy activity, but you cannot sell “an eye” to anyone. What is “an eye”? Well, it’s the ability to take stunning pictures. You can put an iPhone in anyone’s hand, but not every person will be able to take interesting images with it.  Nowadays your pictures have to speak to people, otherwise it is just a pictures that was taken by someone else with a cell phone or a camera. It is definitely not about your equipment, because cell phones can take incredible pictures.  On YouTube there are many videos giving advice on how to take better cell phone pictures.  The questions still remain whether the picture will be different than the images you see every day.

If it is your dream to become a photographer don’t give up on it.  Less people might need your service because they think they can take their own pictures now. Or maybe a friend is taking pictures of them on their phones and there is no need for a professional photographer, but there is still a demand for interesting pictures, something different. If you have an eye, you can be the person they are looking for. Whether you take the picture with en expensive camera or just with an iPhone, just make sure the results are good.

Below is a picture that I took with my iPhone…..









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