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PAID vs TRADE Shoots


With paid shoots, someone gets paid. It can either be the model or the photographer.  Most professional photographers make a living out of photography and provides a service, which is enough reason to pay them for their skills and services.  It is the photographer's prerogative to decide which shoots he will do for free and which he wants to get paid for.  It is important to remember that a "2-hour" shoots takes much more than 2 hours to complete. From the start when planning the shoot until the images are released can take us much as 5-10 hours depending on the planning, traveling time and editing time.  Editing time can sometimes be 3-5 times longer than the actual shoot and that is because every photographer is proud of his work and the product he provides and will spend hours perfecting that shot before he puts a signature on his work. 


To see the costs for basic shoots consult the price list.  Price packages are negotiable because each shoot is unique, some are more challenging, some are more time consuming.  When venues needs to be rented it will be additional, as well as traveling costs. 

If you are interested in doing a shoot for free, check out the TRADE shoots or TFCD shoots as they are known in the fashion industry.


TRADE or TFCD Shoots

Trade shoots are basically free shoots where the model and the photographer trade time for photos.  No-one gets paid for the shoot, but there are conditions as stipulated in the TFCD contract.  It boils down to a simple agreement that the model gives her time in exchange for pretty pictures which she can use for her portfolio or to show off with on social media, and the photographer gives his time in exchange for a chance to  expanding his portfolio or trying new techniques and styles. There is no pressure in doing these shoots, both model and photographer have freedom to try new poses or camera techniques and it should be nothing more than having fun.

There are many great upsides to doing a trade shoot:

  • You get to shoot something YOU want to do
  • There is less pressure to do your best
  • You can expand your abilities by trying something new
  • You get a chance to work with someone you might not normally work with
  • You can get some new and updated shots for your portfolio
  • You can have fun!

Justasurferdude is always looking for TFCD models in order to keep his Instagram account alive and fresh.  Check out his TFCD shoot invitation and if you are into fun give him a call.