Answer:  No, not at all.  I love to travel and there are some awesome setting right across the country.  Traveling fees however will be added to the shoot further than 50 km’s from Bloubergstrand area.

Answer:  Images are Hi-Res jpeg images and will be released on Dropbox. Shooting is only done in RAW when client requests it for a particular reason.

Answer: I would prefer that you pay for the shoot when you book.  The images can be paid after you have seen them.  For surfing shoots a definite yes for the shoot.  If you claim you can surf and never catch a wave then the lost should not be on the photographer.

Answer:  I prefer a natural look, but you are welcome to wear make-up.  If you do a shoot in the water make-up might not be the best idea, but doing a stylish glamour shoot will give a better final product with make-up.  I am collaborating with a professional make-up artist in case you insist and will put you in contact should you be interested.

Answers:  Early morning and late afternoon has the best light for natural light shoots.  When adventure activities takes place in the middle of the day we work with what we have.  Winter is great for dramatic cloudy scenes, while summer gives perfect time for late afternoon shoots because of the late sunset.

Answer:  Outdoor shoots are weather depended. If we plan a shoot for the weekend and the weather is bad, then we wait for better weather.  You have to be flexible and keep in touch so that we can look at the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Answer: Surfing shoots range from deep barrel shots to simple lifestyle shoots.  If you can catch a wave and will be happy to have photos of you doing that, then your only requirement would be to be able to get up onto your board.  Lifestyle shoots need no surfing experience, you are basically a model in a surf setting.

Answer:  It is unlikely that you will not be satisfied. If the images are not good due to lighting or other issues, another shoot will be rescheduled.  The images however will stay the property of Justasurferdude and will or can be used for marketing.

Answer:  A shoot usually includes 15-25 edited pictures.  A client may see the unedited pictures but they will not be sold unedited.

Answer:  It depends on various factors, setting, weather, type of shoot, etc.  Any weather dependent shoots can sometimes only be planned on short notice and some shoots, like sunset shoots have a small window period.  It is better to discuss times and duration.  Although shoots are charged on an hourly rate, consideration for shoots that require more time is given.